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The Best Motor Oil Brands For Your Truck.

There is always a confusion among people about the brand or type of motor oil to choose for their truck, this blog will solve this confusion of yours by suggesting the best brands of motor oil available in the market, but before we know about brands let us know a little about what a motor oil do.


So, A Little Introduction Of Motor Oil?

First of all, you should never be confused with motor oil, engine oil, or engine lubricant, because they are the same. Engine lubricant, as the name suggests is used for lubricating the internal combustion engine. The engine oil is a mixture of various base oils, in addition to lubrication, it also provides extra properties like antiwear, detergents, and dispersants. The moving parts of the truck get to wear with time and sometimes due to some contaminated oil the engine faces sludge and varnish, the motor oil helps in reducing the friction so that all moving parts will work properly by which we can prevent the engine from sludging and varnishing. It also helps in cooling the engine by pulling the heat out from moving parts.


Types Of Motor Oil 


There are four types of motor oils :

  • Full Synthetic Motor Oil: The fully synthetic motor oil is made for high-performance, heavy-duty vehicles, the vehicles which run on fully synthetic oil is more productive and faster than the usual vehicle. But for having this oil you have to spend a little bit more money because these oils are very expensive in comparison to normal oils. 
  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil: This oil gives your truck a feel in the middle, which means that it will provide the properties of fully synthetic oil and with a comparatively low price. The people who do not want to use conventional oil anymore but don’t have enough money to spend on fully synthetic oil can go with synthetic blend motor oil. 
  • Conventional Motor Oil:  It is ideal for vehicles that have a very old model and are light-duty.
  • High Mileage Motor Oil: If you are looking for an oil that suits your budget and consumes very less oil then, high mileage motor oil is best for you. 


Best Brands Of Motor Oil 

  • Rotella T Triple Protection-  This oil protects your engine in three ways – it controls wear and emission in addition to which it reduces the sludge. Rotella always gives your engine the best it deserves. 
  • Rotella T5(Semi-synthetic)- Rotella T5 helps your engine in providing heavy-duty performance. It is made up of base oils with additive properties like sludge and varnish protection, and resistance against wear and oil breakdown. 
  • Rotella T6(Synthetic)- This oil provides magnificent performance against harmful deposits and wear. You can choose Rotella T6(Synthetic) if you are a fan of high-quality performance vehicles. It gives the best fuel economy performance. From compatibility with exhaust emissions control systems to preserve your engine in high operating temperatures, this oil does all these things.


  • Delo LE 15W 40- It is a mixed fleet motor oil that is compatible with four-stroke diesel engines and four-stroke gasoline engines that come under the API CJ-4 service category and SAE 15W-40 viscosity grade. This oil is budget-friendly as it minimizes inventory cost, operating cost, and also have an excellent emission control system. 
  • Delo XLE 10W 30(Semi-Synthetic)-  It is a premium synthetic blend oil that is good in fuel economy specially made for on-highway applications, including 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG 17) compliant diesel engines. Designed for the latest engines and also compatible with old models. This oil helps in improved fuel efficiency, better low-temperature pumpability, and minimized operating costs. 


  • Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40- Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40 is a synthetic blend diesel engine oil that provides extended engine life. This oil provides high performance in both on- and off-highway applications. This synthetic blend gives your truck an extended oil drain interval (ODI), fifty percent more sludge protection than required in engine tests, and unbelievable oxidation stability.


  • Castrol Tection Extra 15W40- It is specifically designed to outstrip the 12 dimensions of engine protection, reducing varnishing, decreasing corrosion and providing superior performance.
  • Castrol Hypuron (Semi Synthetic 15W40)- This oil designed to provide superior performance and protection for the latest technology US 2007 compliant engines, including those fitted with Diesel Particulate Filter exhaust after-treatment devices.


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