Quick Truck Lube’s concept is fast convenient oil changes.
The drive thru philosophy is a unique business in the trucking industry on the Canadian side, and therefore not widely found throughout the provinces. Each facility is fully equipped for convenient no hassle service leaving little lost time for drivers.

Quick Truck Lube focuses on quality and customer experience. We are thorough to ensure the correct application of filters is put on the equipment, which is important. Without the proper application of filters to equipment there is potential for loss of warranty or premature failure of equipment.
We have a proven track record for providing our customers with industry leading customer service, industry trends and offering the best value to all customers big or small.
We strive to bring you only the best high grade oils with the choice of 15w40, 10w30, 5w30/5w40 with four leading providers.
Preventative maintenance on your transmission and differential is just as important. Quick Truck Lube is equipped to service all types of transmissions manual, automatic like I-Shift, Allison and DT12.
Our Mission Statement:
Our mission is to serve the transport industry with the highest quality of service in North America in the areas of preventive maintenance.