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How To Check Transmission Fluid With Its Color?

As it is known that the transmission, refers to the gearbox of a vehicle whether it is a truck or a car or any other vehicle, you will find transmission in every vehicle. Its mechanism uses gears and gear trains due to which it produces speed and torque conversions with the help of a rotating power source that transferred energy to another device.

That was a little introduction of transmission, let’s talk about our main concern automatic transmission fluid, so, transmission fluid works as a lubricant for a vehicle’s transmission that directly makes a positive effect on the performance of the vehicle. Some people also called transmission fluid as tranny fluid. The original color of brand new transmission fluid is red or green, these colors make the transmission fluid different from other fluids used in vehicles.

There are two types of transmission: automatic transmission and manual transmission. By the name of the automatic transmission, all of you had already known that it uses automatic transmission fluid. While modern manual transmissions either use heavyweight hypoid gear oil or automatic transmission fluid. Sometimes the ATF also works as coolant. The advantages of transmission fluid which makes it more important for your vehicle include- it helps in protecting and cleaning the metal surface of the transmission, increases the cooling ability of the vehicle by reducing the high operating temperature, and it also increases rational speed.

All these advantages make transmission fluid a vital part of your vehicle, that’s why you have to check it regularly because a bad transmission fluid will always result in bad transmission. 


Checking A Transmission Fluid 

You can check the condition of your vehicle’s transmission fluid on your own, using these simple steps :

  1. Find the dipstick of transmission in the vehicle.
  2. Pull out the dipstick from the tube.
  3. Carefully check the color of the dipstick. 
  4. The next step is to examine the color you get in the third step deliberately.


An automatic transmission fluid faces five types of color in its whole existence. Some colors are good signs while some are bad, let’s understand the meaning of each of these colors.


  1. Red: This is the color of brand new transmission fluid, this shows that your transmission fluid is in good condition and you have to keep this in the same form so that your transmission will be last long and gives you optimum performance. Experts suggest you should check the condition of your transmission fluid regularly to maintain the transmission in a good state.
  2. Pink: This color is also considered to be good for transmission, but you have to be more careful with this color because there is probably a fear of leakage in this condition. A regular checkup is highly recommended.
  3. Pinkish-Brown: This color shows a condition when water or coolant enter transmission that results in ruining of seals and friction clutches break up after which the leaking along with transmission fluid and cooler line radiator allows the water to enter into the transmission. This may lead to complete transmission failure.
  4. Brown: This color signifies that your vehicle’s transmission fluid has become old, dirty and it is contaminated by pollutants. This usually occurs due to the gap in regular checkup of transmission fluid and decay of transmission fluid by unwanted alien particles. This brown color transmission fluid produces low lubrication. Some other disadvantages include increase heat, excessive wear, and internal part damage. You should change this fluid as soon as possible otherwise it will cause severe damage.
  5. Dark-Brown or Black: Sometimes when you smell burnt smell from your vehicle that is caused due to the oxidizing fluid in the transmission. When the fluid is black, then you should know that it has become old, dirty, and contaminated. 


Look for these signs in your vehicle’s transmission fluid and change it at the right time before it causes serious damage to your vehicle. 


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